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Hi there I have your iPhone insured though Lloyds TSB with your Platinum current account. I clarified the large five figure amount coming into your account in the next month or so, the annuity that will be paid monthly in future as portion of the arrangement, the central London property I owned worth a top six figure amount, that I shouldn't even need to go overdrawn. In the ending bank send you a letter and suggest if I have to shut your account i should close it after give tremendous head ache of 2.5 month's.

LBG says customers might have received a new TSB Duo Avios credit card as before, along with the terms and conditions of the card won't have altered, and that these will work in exactly the same fashion. This change should be utilized by you as a way to check whether you're receiving the top deal with TSB or Lloyds, and also to consider altering elsewhere. They also can allow one to fund business assets which are critical - from an office building that is new to thethat.

After the account was left open calls began from TSB in October, but cash wasn't transferred. At the beginning of December I went 20 miles to the Wimborne TSB department. As they said they were not able to compute the fees left on it the staff were unhelpful and refused to close the account. TSB then lost the GBP559 payment you'd made from your HSBC account that was new to clear your overdraft. Also have personal account with Lloyds and that's remaining also.

They merely actually just moved to Lloyds from RBS as well as the account was only set up on Friday. I do lots of contracting work for Lloyds/Scottish Widows and the site I visit most weeks is where their new business supervisor is based, so matters should go pretty readily! I did discover the online banking for company is not 24/7... You need to laugh at that! A visa debit card has been provided by Lloyds for the business account which was among the major causes for moving over to them.

In the plus side, we're told their internet banking login details WOn't alter for private or business accounts. It might seem that, in a new current account shifting service, the banking industry will soon be bringing in September 2013. Sadly, after I attempted to make use of the company debit card that is not old with your card reader, it wouldn't work. When I identified the number, the business section was closed - it was 2.30 on Saturday afternoon. Therefore I could do your banking which is essential.

They found it again ultimately, they'd 2 uses for you and one was under the business name that was wrong. Passed you through to someone to take good care of the change in business name and as to the reasons why I have not received your mandate. They could not understand why I was annoyed and kept saying that your account will be started within 14 days of you posting then and the mandate back to them another 5 working days to receive everything. Give a business review to fill this space.

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