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Islamic banking is founded on sharia principles of risk-sharing, asset-based investments and zero-interest lending and borrowing. With 2.7 million Muslims, the UK is ramping up dreams to be the Western capital of Islamic finance. Islamic finance highlights partnerships between companies and financial institutions, that is to say you do not necessarily have to give a loan to a business man waiting for interest rates and your principal at the end of the day. Thus, financial institutions and have something at stake, the business man have something at stake, the incentives are aligned to allow them to make certain that the company does good. Financial institutions and do have should you go to Britainfinance growing rapidly.

London is providing Islamic financial services for 30 years, althoughit is only in recent years that this service has begun to receive greater significant attribute of the development of London as well as the UK as the keyWestern centre for Islamic finance has been supporting government policiesintended to expand the marketplace for Islamic products for both shariacompliant institutions and companies with 'Islamic windows' (see side panel). The following section discusses Islamic finance that is syndicated.

They just finished one in Tanzania, they want to introduce Islamic banking, they helped them to set in place the regulatory framework, they call that technical assistance and advisory services. The two projects am talking about if you look at the Islamic finance elements of both projects is about $200 million, $50 million in Egypt and $150 million in Turkey but this is over the next five years, cash available to be disbursed on sharia compliant basis for SMEs.

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The global market remains at an early stage ofdevelopment and is estimated at $8.3bn in 2008, up from $6.6bn in 2007(Chart 6). Iran, where takaful is the compulsory type of insurance, is thelargest market, with assets totalling $2.6bn (Table 1). It's followed byMalaysia, with premiums of $2.1bn, UAE $1.0bn and Saudi Arabia $0.8bn. Collectively, these four countries account for over three quarters of the globalmarket.

Assets inother Western states are now not large but a number of nations,especially France, are seeking to create a presence. While thefinancial crisis and international economic downturn has initially influenced the Islamic finance sector, you will find continuing challenges,especially for the sukuk market as well as for some Islamic banks. Of the USlaunched the first Islamic fund of hedge funds.

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