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Among your first jobs will be to open a business bank account, when you start out as a limited company contractor. Six months free business banking, open to businesses with turnover. Advantage from tiered interest rates for a higher return on your whole investment, provided that cleared funds are available. Enjoy an interest-making Company Instant Access Account for all excess funds over GBP1,000 (interest is added monthly without tax). Get 18 months free business banking should you change your account to us, if you are six months free banking and a recent start-up.

A few of the accounts are not more difficult to start than others. Some of those building society accounts are strict savings accounts that is only going to accept initial opening resources from a current business account by cheque and need the applicant to have a normal company account. Enquiries would have to be carried out beforehand seeing launch requirements/ procedures and what form of action will be acceptable with these accounts.

In case you have a fundamental current account with one of the primary high-street banks, and you have run your account well then they should be your first port of call. In the event that you might have a bad credit history, or if you're starting your first business and have no trading history, their Foundation Account might be exactly what your business needs. Share encounters and your ideas on company bank accounts.

HSBC are often able to give you with your business cheque book and banking cards sent to you within 7 days of being allocated an account number. As you purchase the HSBC Banking choice is only ticked by your organization in their company accessories menu and your company details will automatically be forwarded to their dedicated Business Banking Manager. You present your identification and then go in to ANY Division.

Keeping your company banking independent from your own personal account means it is going to be much simpler for you to handle cashflow, as well as work out your tax liability at the end of the year. As a sole trader, you have the option of opening a company bank account that is separate or using your own personal personal account. Other organisations that might determine to start a business account that is current include charities, clubs and pension funds. Credit Suisse wanted the fine to be smaller.

Banks are available to earn money so only require a product in case you really believe you'll need it. Some will try to get you into a kind of "business club" but there are normally better choices that could offer you business preparation or accounting software. And the Federation of Small Businesses offers lifetime free banking with all the Co-op bank, including legal advice.

HSBC will undertake ID, credit scoring and address verification before starting an account. The HSBC Company Direct Account is designed for brand new business and thus has trade limits applicable to it. We'll ensure your request goes straight to their HSBC Business Banking Supervisor who'll call or e-mail you. The business banking introduction service is a facility that is entire free.

Update: On Monday, the 2nd of December, I received a call at 6pm from the Regional Director of Business Banking who said they'd reviewed your case and chose to reinstate your account - the reasons given were that I was additionally a Prime Minister Customer of the Retail Bank and had other Company Banking holdings globally. Nevertheless, for limited companies a company account is a must and companies are well advised to shop around.

One other principal institutions also offer free banking, but also for a restricted period of time, then after that they'll make various charges. Be mindful the FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme) introduced by the government covers deposits for individuals and businesses up to GBP85,000 per institution. The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) offers free business banking for life via the Cooperative bank.

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